Sunday, April 20, 2014

nothing says easter like biking 40 miles.


Nw forever

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

you’re hired


you’re hired

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sky at the same time.
east & west.

i love exploring & finding secret waterfalls.

these are from high school, but nature is rad.  i can’t wait for summer.

earth friendly periods

dearest lovely people who menstruate,

i’ve been using eco-friendly & reusable pads, but today is the day that i suck it up and buy a menstrual cup.

this has been hard for me because it’s overwhelming which leads me to crawl into my bed with a book and forget about it for like 30 years until i get my period and then remember but by then it’s too late.  the cycle of my cycles being menstrual cup free continues.

it’s also intimidating; another emotion i suck at having. i have trouble with tampons being uncomfortable and am generally not a fan of being up in my vaginaland in general.  plus my flow can be, uh, heavy sometimes.  will it capture all my goobley gook without the cupeth flowingith overith?

so, i’m turning to you lovely people.  which menstrual cups do you suggest and any tips for newbies?

smallset vagina and heavy flow (/mean girls reference)
who is going to undoubtedly lose followers for talking about a natural thing that happens to my body once a month (see ya later, suckers)


Blueberry picking with Emily